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Festival in Karnataka


Introduction to Dussehra
One of the major festivals of the Hindus celebrated with great pomp and festivities is the Dussehra. The Dussehra Festival in Karnataka is a 10 day carnival that was once celebrated with a lot of extravagance by the Vijayanagara Empire in Karnataka, once the greatest Empire ruling the south. Later, these festivities became a part of the tradition of the Hindu religion. The Dussehra is mainly celebrated in Mysore which is one of the most important and well known Dussehra festivals in India. This festival in celebrated to mark the defeat of Ravana by Lord Rama.

Description of the Dussehra
The 10 day festival of Dussehra in Karnataka is mainly held in Mysore where the royal family of Mysore has a major and significant contribution. The most important feature of the celebrations of Dussehra is the ‘Dussehra Procession’ that is held on the Vijayadashami or the tenth day of the festival. There are lavishly decorated elephants that carry the idol of Chamudeswari which is places on a golden seat on the elephant. They are accompanied by horses, folk dancers, courtiers, nobles, soldiers and visitors, all of whom together displays a colorful sight. The Dussehra celebrated royally in Mysore, Karnataka, include regal processions, torch light parades and musical events.

Time for celebrating Dussehra
The time for celebration Dussehra in Karnataka is usually between the months of September and October. It lasts for 10 continuous days.

Kambala Festival

Introduction to Kambala Festival
Kambala Festival, a rural festival of Karnataka is celebrated every year with a lot of enthusiasm and vigor. The Kambala Festival is popular because of the Buffalo Race associated with it. The Kambala Buffalo Race is held with a lot of colors, grandeur and merriment. This rural sporting festival of Karnataka was at one point of time a pastime for the royal family and the tradition was kept alive till it passed on the ordinary men, by the feudal lords of Tulu region.

Description of the Kambala Festival
The Kambala Festival is famous for the Buffalo race that is held during the celebrations. During the Kambala Festival in Karnataka, when the fields are wet, the buffalos are made to race on the tracks, edged by a strong farmer who comes after the buffaloes surfing and balancing his way on top of a wooden plank. The buffalo race starts off amidst a lot of colors, frenzy and cheers. The buffalo which is the swiftest gets the fist prize.

Time for celebrating Kambala Festival
The Kambala(Buffalo race) Festival in Karnataka takes place in between November and march every year. The places where the Kambala Festival takes place are Baradi Beedu, Bolantur, Kolatta, Majalu, Puttur, Kamalakettu and Uppinagadi.

Pattadakkal Dance

India is known for its many hued fairs and festivals that form an integral part of the attraction of India. Each state, race and culture comes up with different fairs and festivals that are different from each other, each with different origin and each has a different way of celebration. Pattadakkal Dance Festival is celebrated every year in Pattadakkal and the venues are inevitably the temples of Pattadakkal Fairs and Festivals forms an integral part of the living heritage of Karnataka .Festivals here is marked by enthusiasm, gaiety, color, adherence to traditions and culture. The diversity of the state is well manifested in these fairs and festivals of Karnataka. Pattadakkal Dance Festival is celebrated every year in Pattadakkal and the venues are inevitably the temples of Pattadakkal. The village of Pattadakkal lies 20 kilometers from Badami in the bank of Malaprabha River. It has been declared as a world Heritage site. The village consists of 10 ancient temples. The architectural type of the temple reflects both North Indian and South Indian Chalukya style. Most of these temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Time for Celebration
Pattadakkal Dance Festival is celebrated every year in the month of January.

Description of Pattadakkal Dance Festival
Pattadakkal Dance Festival is organized by the Government of Karnataka. It boosts up tourism in Karnataka to a considerable rate. The dances are inspired by the different inscription and images carved on the temple walls. This dance festival attracts many famed classical dancers from all over India and is also accompanied by a craft mela.

Vairamudi Festival

Introduction to Vairamudi Festival
The Vairamudi Festival in Karnataka is a part of the grand celebrations of Brahmotsavam that takes place during the Panguni month. It is on the fourth day of the Brahmotsavam that the Vairamudi Festival is celebrated. This festival in Karnataka is held at the temple of Cheluvanarayana in Melkote.

Description of the Vairamudi Festival
During the Vairamudi Festival of Karnataka that is on the third day of the Brahmotsavam,Lord Cheluvarayaswami is adorned with the legendary diamond studded crown which is popularly called the Vairamudi crown. The Lord is then escorted by his companions and consorts and taken out in a colorful procession throughout the city, at a certain auspicious hour of the day. This procession is witnessed by the people of the town who throng the streets to observe this historic event.

Time for celebrating Vairamudi Festival
The Vairamudi Festival is celebrated during the months of March and April, on the fourth day of the Brahmotsavam.

Hampi Festival

Introduction to Hampi Festival Hampi in Karnataka was once the flourishing capital of the glorious Vijayanagar Empire which was one of the greatest empires of the Indian history. The city, now almost in ruins comes alive with a lot of color, music and dance once a year, during the Hampi Festival. To reach Hampi, the nearest Airport would be Bellary which is about 74 kms from Hampi while other airports nearby are Bangalore, Belgaun,Bijapur etc. Hospet is the closest railway station that can be easily reached by KSRTC buses.

Description of the Hampi Festival The celebrations for the Hampi Festival in Karnataka include various programs that keep the spirits of the people high and give them an opportunity to rejoice and relive the glory of their land. The celebrations include dance, drama, music and also colorful puppet shows. There are also beautiful fireworks at display that light up the sky and spectacular processions carried out, all of which recreate the splendor of Hampi. This 3 day cultural extravaganza is one of the most popular festivals in Karnataka.

Time for celebrating Hampi Festival
The Hampi Festival is celebrated during the first week of November.


Introduction to the Pongal in Karnataka The harvest festival of Pongal is celebrated in different parts of the country but variations mark the way in which they are celebrated. In Karnataka the Festival of Pongal is celebrated with a lot of revelry. It is also known by the name of Sankranti. Friends and relatives visit one another to exchange greetings.

Description of the Pongal in Karnataka
On the occasion of Pongal in Karnataka, prayers are offered not only at home but also in the temples. This traditional custom continues to this day. A special dish is prepared on the occasion of Pongal in Karnataka. The ingredients of this sweet dish Ellu are coconut, sesame seeds and sugar. It is customary for the people to exchange this sweet dish with friends, relatives and neighbors. It is a token to show that hence forth the relationship will be as sweet as Ellu with no bitterness involved. People clad themselves in new clothes. But they are not the only ones to dress up gorgeously; they decorate their cows and bullocks as well. Humans and animals are equally a part of this unrestrained merry making. Pongal, a sweet preparation made of rice is served to the animals. Towards evening, a splendid procession comes out in which the cattle’s and bullocks are an integral part. Drum beaters also participate and there is plenty of music as well. The atmosphere in general is very bright and pleasant and promotes a feeling of cheer. A bonfire is organized at night and the animals are made to jump over it.

Time for celebrating the Pongal in Karnataka Pongal is celebrated on the day of winter solstice according to the Hindu calendar. It is nice to visit the state of Karnataka when Pongal is being celebrated so that you can be a part of the mirth as well.

Tula Sankramana

Introduction to Tula Sankramana Festival
There is a strong belief among the people of Kodagu in Karnataka, that during a particular time of the year , Goddess Cauvery appears in a small tank as a sudden surge of water, in front of the hundreds of devotes who gather here. This divine ‘darshan’ is celebrated every year in Kodagu during the Tula Sankramana Festival, with a lot of revelry.

Description of the Tula Sankramana Festival
During the Tula Sankramana Festival, thousands of worshippers and devotees from all over the state come to Kodagu to witness the holy event and seek the blessings of mother Goddess. The people commemorate and rejoice the event during Tula Sankramana in Karnataka by taking holy baths in the waters and carrying back holy water from the source of the river.

Time for celebrating Tula Sankramana Festival
The Tula Sankranama Festival occurs every year in Karnataka, during the month of October, approximately in the middle of the month.